Are Food Trucks A Good Idea?

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Are Food Trucks A Good Idea

Food trucks are everywhere. You can get their great food from a number of places and even get them to come to your party or wedding. However, are food trucks a good idea?

Food Trucks have really evolved over the years. They can be built with kitchens which are similar to big restaurants. Therefore, you no do not need to offer a smaller menu and compromise on the food quality. Instead, a food truck has the freedom to operate similar to the way you would find in a restaurant kitchen. The truck can be customized to be equipped with any kitchen tools needed which means it can serve almost any food to its customers.

Food trucks are a good idea, because they offer flexibility of menu and location among other things. Food trucks are also cost effective which makes them a great idea as well.


Why You Should Think About Getting A Food Truck For Your Event

Freedom of cuisine

Let’s say you are interested in having a food truck at your wedding reception. You talk to your soon to be spouse and decide on what type of food you want to serve at your reception. With the numerous different food trucks available, your cuisine choices are not limited! You can have a gourmet burger truck, pizza truck, etc. The only issue will be deciding on what type of food you want (hopefully it does not cause an argument 🙂 )



Just Google the term “cost of a food truck for a wedding” and you will see a number of websites like which explain the cost of getting a food truck is less expensive than traditional catering. In fact, you can see prices up to half of what traditional catering would cost. That’s a savings and the quality is not sacrificed even though the prices are less expensive.

Food truck catering costs can range from $10 to $35 per person. This means the cost to cater to 100 people will be approximately $1,000 to $3,500 total.



Food trucks are not only cost effective and provide a variety of different food possibilities, but they are also a big hit! Lauren Kodiak explains how her wedding was a huge hit and how it was much less expensive than catering services. Having a pizza truck and an ice cream truck served her needs, was cost effective and her guests loved them!

Now, even though I have talked a lot about weddings, a food truck can be for many other events than just weddings. They can be at events like:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Marketing Events
  • Corporate event
  • Graduation
  • School/University Event Fundraiser/Non-Profit
  • Conference/Convention

Really, a food truck can be at almost any event.


Are Food Trucks A Good Idea Question Mark

Are Food Trucks A Good Idea?

I hope by now you see how food trucks can be a great idea. They can provide great food for your event as mentioned, but they can also provide some benefits as well.


Some people have allergies to certain foods. By asking the food truck if they can accommodate, you might be pleasantly surprised at how they can help.

Multiple Trips For Those Late Night Munchers

Since food can be prepared on the food truck itself, the truck can easily either come back later in the evening when people are hungry again or just hang out. Many people get hungry after dancing and drinking and would love to have something to munch on. This is not something a catering service typically provides. There may be some desserts out to eat and usually a lot of cake, but I know from personal experience, I loved having the option to go back and eat again later in the evening!

One wedding I went to was serving tamales as part of their dinner choice. Later in the evening, being able to go back and grab another tamale or two was perfect! Everyone loved having that option!


Easy cleanup

One thing EVERYONE hates is the after event cleanup. However, since food trucks serve items on disposal dishes, cleanup is a breeze! You can get fancier options over the standard paper plates which are still disposable. Just remember that it will add into the cost. Either way, the cleanup is partially made by your guests, because all they do is throw the dishes in the garbage. No need for wait staff or catering service to clean off tables or wash dishes.


Are Food Trucks A Good Idea – Con

OK. So I have explained the many reasons food trucks are a good idea. However, with any good things, there are always bad ones.

Food trucks are a good idea, but the weather does play a part on your event. Rain can make a food truck more of a hassle. Since you will have people lining up outside the food truck to get their food, they will not want to get rained on. However, depending on the event and location, canopies may be able to be used to help keep your guests dry in the event rain does happen. This is something you will need to talk to your food truck about or local administrator if it is a marketing or corporate event.


What Next?

If you are deciding on having a food truck at your next event, why not let us help? In around 2 minutes, you can provide the needed information for us to be able to find the right food truck/s for your event. Simply CLICK HERE to get started.

Last, but not least…. Have a great time at your event!

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