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Food Truck Catering For Your Event

Food truck catering is nothing new. Many people enjoy having a mobile food truck come to their event and allow their guests to enjoy truly fantastic food for less of a cost than conventional catering. However, below are answers to some common questions people ask about Food truck catering.

What Types of Cuisines Are There?

Food trucks come in as many different styles as there are shoes! Some of the common types of cuisines are:

  • Gourmet Burgers
  • Taco
  • Mexican
  • Street Food
  • Barbecue
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Seafood

Although these are a few of the common trucks, you can find a huge variety of different food styles commonly all with their own flair.

What Is The Cost Of A Catered Food Truck

This question gets asked all the time. The only problem is that there is no direct answer. All food trucks are different and charge their own rates for their food. There are also different rates that will be applied depending on the number of guests and other deciding factors.

Even though there are different factors, you can use our calculator below to get an idea of what your total cost will be.

How Food Truck Catering Works

So… You are interested in a food truck for your wedding, marketing event or whatever type of event you are having. However, how does it all work? Our process is pretty simple. See below:

How it works


Provide Your Details

You fill out the form above and provide us with the needed information so we can match you up with the food trucks which best fits your needs.


Food Trucks Get Notified

Based on the information you provide, we instantly contact relative food trucks from our network of trucks to contact you.


You Get Contacted

Available food trucks will reach out to you to help provide pricing and answer any additional questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does food truck catering cost?

    The average cost of a food truck meal can vary depending on the type of cuisine you choose, truck you choose, type of event, number of attendees, etc. Each food truck has its own food truck catering price, so always confirm with the food truck owner.

  • What is a typical deposit for a food truck catering?

    The Food Truck Guide does not require any deposit. We are simply a gateway for the many great food trucks! However, the food truck itself may either require a deposit or minimum.

  • What is the average price per person for food truck catering?

    The average cost per person will range from $10 to $35 per guest. However, the cost per person for food truck catering will vary depending on the type of cuisine you choose, truck you choose, type of event, number of attendees, etc. Each food truck has its own food truck catering price, so always confirm with the food truck owner.

  • Do I need to worry about licensing?

    Depending on where you live, licensing may be required. This is a great question to ask the food truck of your choice. They may have the license or need to charge an extra fee to provide licensing.

  • What is a food truck minimum??

    A food truck minimum is simply an agreement between you, the event host and a food truck where the truck will make a certain minimum amount of money while at your event. If the food truck sales fall under that amount, the event host will be required to cover the difference.

  • Can food trucks customize their menu for my event?

    This all depends on your budget, the truck owner and possibly the time of year. Consult with the truck owner to see if the truck owner is willing to experiment with their menu. You may be surprised!

  • Can I hire a food truck for recurring events?

    Without a Doubt! If you have non-consecutive dates, please fill out the form separately per event. This is to ensure we have a truck available for your requested dates.
    PLEASE NOTE: the same truck may not have availability for all recurring dates and different trucks may be needed.

  • How much to tip food truck catering?

    Food trucks are just like restaurants. they love receiving tips. Although it is not mandatory to tip, food trucks cost less to cater than the average catering business. Therefore, 20% of the total fee is recommended.

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