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Food truck popularity has been steadily increasing for the past decade and are now a common sight on American streets. Not only has their number grown, but so has the variety and diversity of the food they offer. Even though you always knew food trucks served up more than just hot dogs, most of us still have a lot of misconceptions about what they serve and who eats there. Statistics show that, as of 2015, there are approximately 3,000 recognized food trucks in the United States and the numbers do nothing but continue to grow!

Food truck popularity has developed over the past decade as a result of the recent economic recession. The economic downturn forced many people to look for alternative methods to keep their families fed. As a result, many people from middle to upper class backgrounds became more open to buying the food from a food truck versus a high end restaurant. This led to a steady increase in the popularity of food trucks.

Food truck popularity is, in part, due to the fact that they are a relatively inexpensive option for feeding a large number of people, as well as their customizable menus.

Common reasons food trucks are popular:

1. Food trucks are a new trend in the food industry

2. They can be parked at various places

3. They are easy to find

4. The kids love them

5. Some food trucks even have private events for weddings, birthdays and other occasions

6. Food trucks are a great way to support local businesses

Food trucks are a new trend in the food industry

Food trucks are hot right now, and it seems like a new food truck hits the road each week. But which of these mobile eateries will be around for the long haul?

Since the pandemic first started, food trucks have been becoming a more popular place for people to get their favorite foods. Since they cannot dine inside their favorite restaurants, food trucks are the next best thing!

They can be parked at various places

Food trucks are, without a doubt, the most innovative and unique type of food service. The very idea of a mobile kitchen is ingenious: instead of spending thousands of dollars to open brick and mortar restaurants, why not travel around and sell your food to people wherever they are? Of course, the food truck business is just that: a business. You can’t just drive around to wherever and sell your food to whoever you want.

There are plenty of parking areas that food trucks can occupy during the day, from shopping centers and office buildings to sports arenas and fairgrounds where you can find your favorite food.

They are easy to find

Food trucks have become a mainstay of the cityscape in many metropolitan areas. Across the United States, food trucks are not only a source of great food, but also a great community resource. In many cities, food trucks can be found every day at a different location, or regularly at a specific location, such as a local farmers’ market. They are pretty easy to find on the web. In fact, there are resources dedicated to food truck businesses. Savannah Street Food is a website which lists a ton of food trucks within the Savannah GA and surrounding areas. It provides information about the food truck with links to the food truck business’s website.

The kids love them

Who doesn’t love food trucks? What could be more fun than a mobile restaurant that serves the food or desserts you want? This is especially true for kids. They love coming up to a truck where they can get their food and not be confined inside to eat. Instead, they can either sit outside in the nice weather or walk around while eating. FUN FUN FUN!

Some food trucks have private events for weddings, birthdays and other occasions

Food trucks are a great way to ensure that people will have a great time and enjoy themselves at your wedding or event. For the same reason kids love them, adults love the fact that they can get their favorite food quickly and not be restricted to a table. They can order what they want then walk around and mingle with others while eating.

Food trucks are a great way to support local businesses

Food trucks exist for more than just feeding the masses; they are also a powerful force for good in your community. Food trucks are a great way for local businesses to gain exposure. When a food truck rolls through town, its customers are likely to frequent other area businesses, such as gas stations and grocery stores. They are also likely to check out local restaurants and bars, if they are into that sort of thing. The key is that food trucks help support local businesses by encouraging tourism and becoming a part of the local community.

Since food trucks first appeared on the scene, they’ve been a popular option for those looking for a quick bite to eat. They are fun to eat at and everyone loves them. As food truck popularity has grown, they become easier and easier for people to find, providing customers a wide variety of food truck options from which to choose.


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