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Different food truck cuisines, locations, number of people attending the event and time of year are all areas which will determine the price on how much it is to rent a food truck for your event.

How Much Is It To Rent A Food Truck

Are you curious how much it is to rent a food truck? This is actually a common question which people ask all the time. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about renting a food truck so you can make the best choices.

There are many different factors you should consider BEFORE reaching out to find a truck. These areas consist of type of cuisines, the number of people who will be attending, along with many other contributing factors. Its ok though, you don’t have to know every mundane detail. I will walk you through the basics, so you can get the perfect truck to your gathering!

Looking for a food truck online can be a bit of a pain. There are many websites to look at and research. Word of mouth is a great way to start, but ultimately you will want to research food truck websites, social media, and make some good old fashioned telephone calls to get all the information you are looking for. This can be time consuming. To save you time, a tip is to check out directory websites that deal with food trucks and restaurants only. One of these recommended sites are They have a nice list of food trucks which you can read about, gather information and start contacting directly from the website. We will talk about this more in a few.

Being a former food truck owner, I know what trucks like to hear and what trucks sort of don’t like to hear. I know what will make them jump to your event instead of just merely accepting it. Remember, food trucks are a business just like restaurants, just mobile. They are looking out for their business just like any other business out there. Truckers try to be fair with their pricing, but also need to ensure they turn a profit.


Why Cuisines Help Determine How Much It Is To Rent A Food Truck

Let’s face it, you want the best food truck for your party and/or gathering there is at the best price. There is one little problem, which do you choose? There are a lot of different food options from burgers to seafood to grilled cheese and everything in between. Which will benefit your gathering? You wouldn’t call a Seafood truck to do burgers and vice versa, so it is important to nail down what sort of cuisine you want.

Determining Cuisine

Determining the type of cuisine is SUPER important before starting your search and contacting any trucks. Trust me, as a former truck owner, there is not much worse than a customer coming to the window with no idea what the truck even serves.

This usually ends in disappointment. The customer either feels like it was a waste of their time to talk to the truck or they settle for something they didn’t want leaving them with a bad taste for the truck (no pun intended). You can easily eliminate this issue by deciding what type of cuisine you would like ahead of time.

Food Truck Websites

There are many of websites which can help you choose your cuisine. This requires knowing what terms to search for and clicking around to find what you want from each and every food truck owner’s website (assuming they have a website).

As mentioned earlier, if you are in the Savannah GA area upi can look into a directory Like Savannah Street Food. This type of site allows you search by whatever you are looking for directly from the home page. Whether it be the cuisine, location or business name, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

There are many other websites that can help you with finding trucks in your area as well. For example, Roaming Hunger or Foodtrucksin. These sites cover locations throughout the United States, not just the Savannah and surrounding areas.

Rent Food Truck

Cuisine and Pricing

Don’t forget to think about pricing when going with a cuisine. As we all know, a lobster roll will be much more expensive than an empanada, so just make sure you are comfortable with that. Those few dollars per person extra could throw off your budget completely!

Food Truck Options

Alright, you have your cuisine picked out? Great! Moving onto the selections of different options per truck.

Let’s say you decided on a taco truck. Now, it is time to pick what sort of menu items you want for the party. Food trucks usually offer your choice of a main menu item, a drink, a dessert or a mix of them all at different costs per selection. The normal item of a taco would be one price. Now if you want a drink, that would be more and a side a few more dollars.

What about dessert? Does this truck do desserts? That is another good question to ask while finding out cuisines as well. If they happen to have the dessert you want, great, but that will raise the overall price per guest cost so just be sure to check.

Food Truck Minimums

To help maintain an overall worth, a truck may have minimums in place. Other trucks may have contracts to be signed to ensure the truck makes a certain agreed amount to prevent any loss in revenue. Because we all have that friend who says their coming, but never shows up!

There is also a final option. You can have the guests pay for themselves. In this case, the truck may require a small fee to ensure they cover their costs of driving out there. In this instance, its everyone for themselves just like it would be if you went to a festival and decided to get food from a vendor. You would need to pay for whatever food you want.

Shop Around

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other businesses to get pricing as well. Sometimes a cuisine might be great, but a bit too expensive. This is where you can shop around to find the right foods for the right price. Usually you can find many different trucks of the same cuisine.

Rent Food Truck Map

Another major factor to consider when renting a food truck is location. Obviously, a big city truck will be more expensive than a smaller truck as there may be more demand for the big city truck. More demand equals more money.

Parking And Permit Costs

Every location has different rules and regulations pertaining to food trucks as well. Some municipalities have multiple fees and/or permits. Those fees sometimes can be incorporated into the operation of the truck, meaning a few more dollars. A food truck permit in Savannah, Georgia is around 200 dollars whereas a food truck permit in New Jersey would be more. Knowing your location can have a definite impact on some pricing.

Mileage Fees

There are trucks that may charge mileage. This fee is usually not the case, but it is worth reading the fine print to ensure you are not being charged for any mileage. Most trucks will not charge a mileage fee unless it is very far away, but this fee may be roped into contracts or minimum payments so read carefully.

Cost to Rent Food Truck Guests

Number Of Guests

The main contributing factor for how much it costs to rent a food truck would be the number of people attending your event. It simply costs more to accommodate 150 people versus 75 people, because more is involved; more product, more help, and more fuel.

How Long Do You Need Your Truck?

How long are you looking to have a truck at your event? If you are planning to have 175 people attend your event, you will need to have the truck present for longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise, there will not be enough time to server everyone.

From my experience, trucks usually operate on a 2-hour time slot with extra hours costing a reduced fee per hour. For example, let’s say you want to book your taco truck and you have 175 people attending with the event lasting around 4 hours. The truck may say that it is 20 dollars per person for 2 hours and every additional hour is 10 dollars per person. Depending if the party is big enough, the truck may simply waive the additional fee for extra hours.

Multiple Trucks

Using the scenario above, having a guest list of 175 attendees could end up being too much of a strain on one truck. In this case two trucks would be needed to cater to the amount of people attending also raising the overall cost per person.

Cost to Rent Food truck - Weather

What’s The Weather Outside?

Alright, you have cuisine, menu options, and headcount/timeframe all complete and are ready to book your food truck for the party. Awesome! However, there is one teeny tiny little thing to consider when renting a truck. Weather!

Mother nature sometimes has a mind of her own and can make your party go from great to non-existent in a flash. Keep up to date with weather predictions and have a backup plan if the weather is not so great. Also, be sure to ask the truck if they operate in rain, snow, sleet, or hail, because they may need to cancel if the weather is not ideal. If that is the case, there may be a nonrefundable fee associated with that. Just ask.

What Time Of Year Do You Need Your Truck?

You may be booking a truck for your fourth of July wedding party. Super! However, note that the time of year can play a big role on pricing. It may be more expensive in summer months opposed to winter months (if the truck even operates in the winter). It will also depend on the truck and what their schedule is like. Cost for renting a food truck may be lesser in the winter months over summer months as the demand is not as high.

After reading this, I hope you have a better idea on what is all involved in renting a food truck for your event. All the information you need to make a seamless booking of a food truck is provided above. You know what to expect for cuisine, menu options, headcount, time-frame, and lastly weather.

It may seem like a lot to digest (once again no pun intended), but really it is just ensuring you have all the knowledge to throw the best party and have the best food truck there to help you. We all have to eat, why not make it fun and delicious too?

Don’t you just love food trucks? Check out our events page for a list of events happening around your area and feel free to contact us if there is an event that you would like added to our calendar!

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